Aarambh - An Initiative of Shri Ram Institute of Technology Towards Social Responsibility

Engineers of modern times are not only required to possess sound technological skills to accomplish various complicated projects in their respective industries, but also needed to develop thinking of social responsibility in them. Based on this fact, our Shri Ram Institute of Technology in Jabalpur has taken initiative by the launch of Aarambh social responsibility program with team of volunteers as engineering students.

Aarambh Main Objective

Aarambh started in SRIT Jabalpur under Assistant Professor as Alpa Gore to fulfil different objectives related to social responsibility, as mentioned here.
  • To aware people for keeping their surroundings and environment in clean condition.
  • To provide financial help to poor and slum area people.
  • To put efforts in providing education to children of poor people and those belonging to backward or slum areas.
  • To collect old books from students and volunteers for distributing to children, whose family members are unable to afford buying of new books.
  • To develop the feelings of social responsibility in between engineering students since the first step of them in Shri Ram Institute of Technology.
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